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Sounds simple enough, but how do you know when your brand is drifting, or stalled? We strategically point brands toward new opportunity with a transformative lift. Through strategic counsel and creative activation we help brands find their true north.

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+ What if your event put customers and data first?

Global Event Strategy and Brand Activation Plan - Teradata PARTNERS

Imagine that your premier conference had become the epicenter of a multi-billion dollar industry. But after 29 years, your attendance and awareness needed a kick-start.

Our first step was to go to the customers and the data. That’s a great place to start anytime, but especially when you’re repositioning North America’s biggest data-driven event.

Prepping for growth

We created a three-year strategic growth plan to move the event from a user conference to a data-driven conference leader with increased awareness and demand. Focusing on the customer brought clarity; the event needed quality over quantity of sessions. New digital tools simplified essential parts of the event while new experiential elements were built in to wow the crowds.

The conference to end all conferences

The results put the spotlight back on industry thought leadership and enhanced networking. And made the Teradata event a full-blown demand generation machine with vision, scale and attendance.

+ What if you need to innovate inside a saturated market full of 7th graders?

Brand Launch Strategy and Multi-Channel Marketing – ConAgra Foodservice

Everybody loves pizza. But it’s not always cool to like the school lunch. That makes the other challenges facing the foodservice industry seem like they’re piling on. From government regulations to competition to widely varying audiences, it can feel like an all-out attack. The leader in school menu options, ConAgra, needed to re-excite everyone – nutritionists, parents, a national sales team, the cafeteria lady, and Jimmy.

Now serving: A premium brand made from scratch!

ConAgra chefs fired up the test ovens to generate a way to capitalize on increasingly discriminating taste buds in the lunchroom and address new nutritional requirements. While they were busy in the kitchen, we mixed up a recipe to deliver a premium brand that was appetizing to everyone … a year before any product would be available!

Love before first bite

The new brand, Gilardi, became a lunchtime love story. Exclusive and targeted pre-launch marketing identified brand connoisseurs and influencers that created early adoption and caused foodservice operators to jump at this must-have menu line. Presale goals were exceeded and digital sharing and promotions flourished. And the kids? They asked for another slice!

+ What if your most valuable customers tuned you out?

Conversation Strategy – GE Capital

Finding the right way to restart a conversation that never should have stopped can be difficult. GE Capital needed to re-enroll high-value business customers that were unsecured or exhibited signs that they might leave. And they needed to do it fast. An economic downturn made the issues top of mind and conversations where waning. They turned to Wilson for a fresh conversation strategy.

We hear you

The financial lending market is highly competitive. Any reconnection plan had to be authentic to the GE brand, lead to a conversation, and engage at a personal level. Most importantly, it had to put the “voice of the customer” front and center. They had to know they were heard. Wilson helped guide GE to the simple truth: showing your customers you are listening can go a long way.

Tuned in to help

The customers spoke. GE listened, and we proved it. By incorporating a GE product – a refurbished vintage radio – and custom microsites specific to each recipient, customers knew that GE had listened and understood them. Like the radio, customer relationships were restored. Account leaders were re-immersed in the conversation. And the business was back on track.

+ What if you could keep billions of dollars from driving away?

Transformative Marketing – Warren County Convention and Visitors Bureau (WCCVB)

Destination marketing and generating economic impact is vital to any state. And for that reason, it’s increasingly competitive. WCCVB knew that their area had a lot to offer. They also understood that overnight travelers spend three times more than daytime visitors. Families looking for nearby stay’cations proved to be the ideal target – but how?

Welcome to Warren County, ‘Ohio’s Largest Playground’

Living up to this brand promise, the WCCVB looked to Wilson to create and market packages to families staying overnight. Data drove our strategy. With a new CRM, custom CMS and digital ecosphere, WCCVB collects traveler and prospect interests. Now they can see consumer sentiment and discover behavioral travel trends. That will lead to customized packages and offers – like a personal pocket travel guide. Sweet!

A personal playground for everyone

The transformative marketing solution has helped tourism reach into the billions of dollars for Warren County – and they are outpacing the state average. Travelers are delighted too! A “Trip Builder” tool lets visitors from anywhere quickly map out and find the best attractions, restaurants, hotels and shopping experiences … ensuring that this playground is personalized, memorable and full of adventure.

+ What if your brand was death, literally?

Brand Turnaround and Repositioning Strategy – Community Tissue Services

Death. There, we said it. But nobody wants to talk about it. That’s exactly why Community Tissue Services came to Wilson. As the fourth largest tissue bank in the United States, Community Tissue Services did not have a business challenge. They had a community awareness need. One tissue donor can extend the lives of up to fifty others, a fact that isn’t widely known.

Changing the conversation

The repositioning strategy: highlight the heroes. FiftyLives.org became a community for the entire industry where everyone could join the conversation. Through social media, it took on a life of its own. Members shared their life-changing stories of loved ones and moments made possible by donations. It has become a crowd-sourced storytelling and healing digital monument.

Our proudest moment

If you were to ask what brand turnaround we are most proud of, it might be this one. We like to do great work that makes customers smile, makes prospects think, and gets us to another day. But giving back and being part of a positive change is rewarding on a different level. We are proud of the opportunity given to Wilson to bring a moment of life and happiness back to so many proud families who suffered unendurable loss.

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